Dr. Earl Holliday

Session #1: Boys Transitioning from Athletic Aggression to Academic Affirmation on a Shoestring Budget

Time: 2-6 hours, ​Interactive technology and small group work

Participants will:

Review, analyze and discuss what is happening psychologically to boys within many American public school systems today

Review, discuss and understand the new value system that prevents boys from engaging in most things academic

Review, research and discuss the dramatic decline in the number of boys graduating from high school and college and strategies that are working to stem this tide

Review new cutting-edge ideas and changes that must be embraced before we can bridge the growing communication gap between us and them

Full Service Survey Services

​Gaining insight and feedback from consumers, customers, employees, students, etc. is a mandatory component for organizations. The ability to  collect and evaluate various categories of feedback will only improve your services and/or product development. Boys Transitioning offers a suite of on site and online quantitative/qualitative survey services to support entities from various sectors including education, business, and federal/state/local government. Utilizing cutting edge tools via multiple platforms (CAPI, CATI, Web) for data collection, analysis and reporting, and project preparation, our services will product superior results for your organization. In addition, our field management assures maximum efforts from our staff via on-site and off-site quality control and auditing along with validation of client results.

Become a Sponsor

Workshops/Seminars/ Speaking Engagements

This is an opportunity to participate in groundbreaking education activities that impact our youth. Workshops and seminars focus on educating, inspiring, and exposing K-12 youth to many opportunities available for their future. In addition, many of the programs include the parents to create an impactful synergy.

For information concerning Sponsorship opportunities, please Contact Dr. H.E. Holliday. Participate in this journey to make a difference!
Session #4: Mentoring for the 21st Century Student
Time: 2-4 Hours, Interactive technology and small group work

Participants will learn:

Adult Do’s and Don’ts of interaction with 21st century students

Boundary Setting for Mentors and Mentees

Mentoring Roles and Responsibilities

Ice Breaking Activities and Building Relationships
Session #3: Parent Workshops: “Get Off the Sidelines and Into the Game”
Time: 2-4 Hours, Interactive technology and small group work

Participants will learn how to:

Better understand how the 21st Century Schools Operate

Support your child at home and at your school

Develop a positive relationship with your child’s teacher

Develop academic (Academic Booster Clubs) support for your school

Educational Assessment Services

​​Utilizing highly experienced educators from the K-12 and higher-ed sectors, Boys Transitioning is a full service provider of comprehensive public/private school assessment services for school districts and state departments of education. Our services include design and implementation of small and large scale assessment programs. Utilizing an industry leading assessment management software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, we can assist with your performance-based (PB) and constructed-response (CR) items that ensure each school board, school staff, parents, student, and community members receive timely and valid results . To ensure privacy, our company deploys strict security measures that meet federal and state privacy laws.
Session #2: Gender-Based Approaches to Improve Academic Performance
Time: 2-6 hours, Interactive technology and small group work

Participants will:

Review the success of at-risk, low-performing minority students who have been transformed into academically-engaged, high performing boys and girls

Examine the keys to successful implementation of gender-based classes3. Examine the need for retraining teachers, parents and students regarding gender-based classes

Educational Consulting Services