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Partnering with ItsMyCareer and The Affluent Magazine, our organizations are committed to the betterment of our communities and education system. The Color with a Cop Program is one of many programs developed by our organizations to provide solutions. 

​There are many problems straining community-police relations ranging from lack of communication to lack of relationships. While there are currently a number of organizations addressing this issue on a national level, there is always a place for additional tools to combat this problem. The Color with a Cop Program is our tool. As you will discover, our approach/process was developed for long term interaction achieving maximum results. The program includes 1) a direct engagement component between community and law enforcement, and 2) an education component that includes writing, vocabulary, coloring, and career discovery exercises for each participating child promoting early learning and development. Furthermore, each parent will have an option to extend participation after the primary session.

Color with a Cop National Research Program